Zoe is such a wonderful trainer! She’s so knowledgeable about dog behaviour, and has such a love for doggos. She spends extra time making video homework that’s clear to follow and welcomes in between session questions to clarify anything you aren’t sure about. My dog is obsessed with her - not just because she gives treat rewards ;) but because she’s so kind and calm and Georgie always knows what to expect. 

-Beth & Georgia 


 Zoe is an incredibly knowledgeable and patient dog trainer. My husband and I learned effective tools to troubleshoot our dog’s (4.5 year old American Bulldog/Boxer, Charlotte) reactive behaviour on leash towards other dogs. Dogs on a Path is now the third training company for which we’ve sought services and is the only one that has produced significant results. Charlotte felt very comfortable and happy around Zoe, as was evident in the photos Zoe took of her as well as the videos :).  Her tutorials and follow-up training guides were accessible and very easy to follow - fun as well! Charlotte is still in the process of unlearning her triggering behaviour, but through Zoe’s guidance and start-to-finish routines, we are well on our way! It is never too late for a dog to learn new tricks. Thanks you, Zoe! 

-Claire, John & Charlotte


Zoe is a wonderful trainer. I had no idea what to do in terms of training (I haven't had a dog in over 30 years and wasn't involved in her training) but Zoe made it easy. The descriptions and videos are super helpful. Grace, Too (our five month old Potcake) absolutely loved Zoe. She is so gentle and calm and kind. She is very accessible in between sessions which is very helpful. Thanks so much!

-Paula & Grace 


 Zoe is an awesome dog trainer and I highly recommend her. Her positive and calm demeanor creates a great foundation for all the training. Both Marlin (my rescue dog) and myself enjoyed our Saturday morning training sessions with her. I looked forward to each week as I watched my dog improve with the help of her tips and training. She is a constant professional and answered all email/text questions in a prompt manner. She never made me feel like I was asking a silly question, being a first time dog owner I asked a lot of questions. :) she has helped me understand my dogs needs to help be a better dog parent and strengthen my bond with my dog. Thanks Zoe for all your help. If you live in the west end contact Zoe. 

-Nadia & Marlin 


My 10 month old puppy just graduated from the laying the foundations program and I have been seeing the changes in her behaviour since day one! Zoe demonstrated each lesson to us every week providing additional homework which she check on the following lesson. We are looking forward to the next round! It’s been so much fun for both me and my pupper. 

-Rita & Billie Jean


 Zoe and team are amazing.  Kara is my 3rd Golden Retriever and I drove her everywhere including to the park.  What I didn't realize was that she was a horrible healer until one day I walked her to the park.  It was not so pleasant for me and I'm sure not for Kara also.  Zoe has worked with Kara by teaching her on a harness and immediately after the 1st training session Kara was healing.  Zoe has taught her other things like engage/disengage to help with improved with squirrel distractions.  I highly recommend Dogs on a Path for your training needs.  -Robin & Kara 


Zoe helped our newly adopted greyhound get ready for park-life by practicing her recall skills. She used to ignore us - now she comes running. We are so pleased with the result and would strongly recommend Zoe to anyone!

-Lena & Vera 


 It was great working with Zoe on my dog's struggles with reactivity. She gave a lot of personalized support in the training sessions and provided a lot of information and resources over email. I learned so much from Zoe about how dogs think and feel, and I really appreciated her focus on positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning instead of punitive methods. Zoe also helped me work on loose-leash walking and building my dog's confidence. I would absolutely recommend Zoe to anyone looking for a kind and supportive trainer. 

-Whitney & Honey 


 Zoe is a great trainer! We would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking into helping their pups feel more confident and comfortable with their surroundings! 

-Crystal & Charlie