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Volunteering at Dogs on a Path 

Location Toronto, Ontario (The West End) 

Are you passionate about positive reinforcement, reactive dogs and clicker training? Do you have a long-term goal of working with reactive and fearful dogs? Do you want to gain experience in this field? For serious candidates we have a Volunteer program you can apply for! 

Committed Volunteers: 

Are given the opportunity to learn about positive reinforcement when used with reactive, fearful and frustrated dogs, through acting as decoys and observing instruction during training sessions! 

Are given access to reading and viewing materials to expand their knowledge in the field of positive reinforcement training

May be given opportunities to attend educational seminars with staff and other volunteers

May be given opportunity to practice teaching skills by demonstrating exercises with client's dogs during sessions and / or teaching small segments of class 

Ideal Candidates have: 

Direct experience working with dogs; either their own, or through dog-related industry work (dog walking, shelter and rescue work, veterinary care, dog daycare. Commitment and passion about gaining knowledge. You’ve already read a few of the dog training classics, taken a class or two, or have a reactive dog of your own. Reading books, watching videos, and attending seminars sound like a fun time for you! 

How to Apply 

Please email with the following 

Your resume 

Tell us a bit about your experience with dogs 

tell us about what you've learned so far, and from where 

Tell us why you want to volunteer 

Lastly tell u what your long term GOALS are!