Training Philosophy

At Dogs on a Path my main goal is to help your pet have the least stressful and most enriching life possible. Being compassionate is incredibly important as we train our animals. As such I am committed to using the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive training strategy. (LIMA)

I believe every training plan includes 4 key components to be effective 

  • Communication 
  • Enrichment 
  • Exercise 
  • Diet 

When you are able to clearly communicate with your dog, give them activities to stimulate their mind , provide proper exercise and have a healthy diet for your dog they are able to thrive and learn. 

I am constantly looking to learn more about dogs and the way they learn as well as communicate. I am continuing my education everyday with books, seminars, courses and workshops. 

 I am a Canine Training Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild which has a mission to train without Pain, Force or Fear. 

Lastly training is about having fun with your dog while reaching a goal to better both of your lives. Each time your train with your dog and use positive and reward based methods you are building their confidence and strengthening your bond with your dog, this is imperative for all dogs but particular for fearful, reactive and anxious dogs.