Services Overview

Here is where you will find a quick overview of the services I offer. Got a new rescue or puppy who needs some basic training, maybe you are looking to tune up your dogs recall skill or even learn some new tricks and bond with your dog take a look at my lesson packages. If you've come for help with a specific issue (reactivity, guarding, separation anxiety) check out behaviour modification. Finally if you  need some extra help during the day with your training plan day training and walk and train is the section to look at.  


  • 75 minutes in length 
  • Consults are $110+HST
  • We will go over an in-depth questionnaire, including behaviour history, and a training plan will be sent 48 hours after the consult 

Day Training / Walk & Train


These programs are best suited for clients who want to move their training goals along more quickly or who want their dog to get some extra stimulation through trick training. (Frequently used by reactive clients) . We will have a consult to discuss training goals and expectations, then I will be coming to work with your dog to achieve these goals while you are at work. Each session will have a progress report and homework will be assigned as needed. 

Lesson Packages


These programs are multi-session packages designed with a specific goal in mind (basic obedience, recall training, trick training). The course will be carried out in weekly sessions and will include homework. 

Behaviour Modification


This service is designed for those who are facing problems with their dogs. These issues often cause stress for both dog and their human family, issues including but not limited to dogs displaying reactivity on or off leash, separation anxiety, resource guarding, fear of other dogs, humans, sounds, and body handling. We will meet for a consult where I will ask for a detailed history and I will create a behaviour modification plan from there.