How to deskunk your dog

How to deskunk your dog - By Cassie Weston (Professional Groomer)

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How to properly deskunk your dog! This will work if you follow these instructions. I am so sorry to hear your dog has been sprayed by a stinky squirrel.  Follow these instructions and your dog will no longer smell!

What you will need:

- rags / paper towels

- baking soda- as much as possible

- gloves to wear

- any dog shampoo- doesn't have to be for deskunking (dogs have different skin ph than we do - I see a lot of people using - -- baby shampoo - do not do this!)

- vanilla extract

This will ONLY work if your dog is freshly sprayed and has not yet been washed.  Unfortunately, if you wet your dog before following these steps the skunk oil will penetrate the hair follicle and or skin.  If your dog has hair and can be clipped, this may help.  If your dog has fur you will have to wait until the hair and skin cycles out completely, the smell may die down but your dog will still smell any time it gets wet.

I cannot stress enough that you must not wet your dog until the step that says to wet your dog. No water at all.

Step 1

Put on gloves or your hands will smell!

wipe as much of the skunk oil off of your dog with paper towels / rags that you do not care about and can be discarded.

Step 2

completely cover your dog in baking soda - head to tail.  Use a TON of it.  Think about using so much that if your dog was black it would be white.  Work it into the coat - this will soak up the skunk oil.  Do not be afraid to use a full box or multiple boxes.  Be careful about it going into the eyes.

Step 3

on your still dry dog, start adding shampoo and lather with the baking soda. DO NOT ADD WATER . Lather as best you can without adding any water.  

Step 4

Sprinkle vanilla extract onto your dog that is covered in the baking soda and shampoo mixture.  Vanilla extract has a very strong smell and helps!  Let the mixture of baking soda, shampoo and vanilla extract sit on the dog for 10-15 minutes.  

Step 5

you may now wet your dog and rinse this all off!  

Step 6

Shampoo again for good measure followed by conditioner to re-moisturize the skin

Step 7

do not forget to wash any collars / harnesses

No tomato juice needed.  Another method always talked about online is the dishsoap + baking soda + hydrogen peroxide.  Please do not use this method, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make bleach.  Doggo does not want to be bleached.